Baker Prairie Middle School


Show dates:

December 6, 7, 8



Richard R. Brown

Fine Arts Auditorium

Canby, Oregon


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Cast notes:

Thanks to all who auditioned!

You were all very supportive of each other through the process and I hope this continues as we move along. Please let me know if you do not see your name, or if I have anything spelled incorrectly. I was BEYOND impressed by you all and will see you on Monday!

 Hannah Feely, Director


The first rehearsal is Monday, October 8 at BPMS; 2:30 - 4:30 pm. 

The entire cast should attend.

Rehearsal schedules will be passed out at that time.

If, for some reason, you are unable to accept the assigned part

please notify Ms. Feely immediately.


Additional speaking roles will be assigned at the first rehearsal.


Adams, Conner The Partridge
Avila Ortiz, Frances Piper
Baker, Gabe Lord Albert
Beaver, Katherine Milkmaid
Benjamin, Reece Calling Bird
Bowlsby, Maren Swinson (Swan)
Bowyer, Maya Ballet Dancer
Brown, Audrina Myrtle
Calderon, Adan Piper
Calderon, Alex Calling Bird
Carissio, Jazevyu Piper
Castregon, Manuel Piper
Chernishov, Nik Ballet Dancer
Covey-Stevens, Kailee Piper
Darymple, Ksenna Piper
Diaz, Jazmin Milkmaid
Driver, Tyson Ollie
Eide, Kaeden Smilin' Bob (5 Rings)
Garrett, Kassy Stella (Swan) and Tech
Gilland, Aneikva Piper
Goode, Gabby Calling Bird
Greenhaw, Steven Gerald
Gunnarson, Elise Ballet Dancer
Hawkins, Anna Ballet Dancer
Hepler, Claire Miss Cleo
Jedda, Hailey  Piper
Johnson, Delaney Ballet Dancer
Martushev, Galina Sister Goose
McClaugherty, Hailey  Sigvard (Swan)
Milano, Skylar Michelle
Moore, Arayatt Dove
Morrison, Brooklyn Milkmaid
Nichols, Mycah  Piper
Oglesbee, Sofia Sven (Swan)
Petersen, Elizabeth Milkmaid
Reed, Jemma Ballet Dancer
Rice, Lola Goose Nurse
Ruiz, Judith Monique
Sasek, Hannah Milkmaid
Schredler, Mary Ballet Dancer
Scroggin, Hannah Mother Goose
Stewart, Malcom  Piper
Stucks, Harley Swanson (Swan)
Sullivan, Jordan  Pipe Foreman
Trapp, Brooklyn  Maggie
Trapp, Finley Calling Bird
Vanaken, Nicole Emma
Velasquez, Junnieth Milkmaid
Vinyard Jasmin  Alice
Viter, Luke Drum Major
Voss, Brianna Turtle 
Walters, Makenzie Milkmaid
Wanderscheid, Hailey Ballet Dancer
Ward, Carter Stefan (Swan)