Baker Prairie Middle School



Show dates:

May 10, 11, 12



Richard R. Brown

Fine Arts Auditorium

Canby, Oregon


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Cast notes:

Thanks to all who auditioned!

If you did not receive a part, please audition again next year.  

Hannah Feely, Director


The first rehearsal is Wednesday, February 28 at BPMS; 2:30 - 4:30 pm. 

The entire cast should attend.

Rehearsal schedules will be passed out at that time.

If, for some reason, you are unable to accept the assigned part

please notify Mr. Feely or Hannah immediately.


Additional parts (lines) will be assigned at rehearsals from all members of the ensemble.


Name Role
Adams, Connor Wickersham Brother
Ambriz, Zuleka Who/Jungle Animal
Anguiano, Daisy Who/Jungle Animal
Bowlsby, Maren Yertle the Turtle/Jungle Animal
Calderon, Alex (boy) JoJo
Calderon, Yared Sour Kangaroo
Chilcoat, Cristin Who/Jungle Animal
Covey-Stevens, Kailee Who/Jungle Animal
Diggles, Michael Wickersham Brother
Eide, Kaeden Wickersham Brother
Englehart, Tommy Vlad Vladkoff/Jungle Animal
Goode, Gabby Who/Fish
Haynes, Stephanie Who/Jungle Animal
Hepler, Claire Marshall
Hepler, Lee The Cat in the Hat
Jinenez, Nancy Who/Fish
Johnson, Delaney Who/Jungle Animal
Luttrel, Lillian Bird Girl
Marble, Liam Mayor
Martushev, Galina Who/Jungle Animal
McCoy, Christine Who/Fish
Meredith, Nathan Who/Jungle Animal
Merris, Lilly Bird Girl
Milano, Skyler Who/Fish
Noffsinger, Jason Who/Fish
Oglesbee, Sofia Who/Jungle Animal
Porter, Gabe Horton the Elephant
Raeburn, Belle Bird Girl
Ruiz, Judith Young Sour Kangaroo
Sasek, Hannah Who/Jungle Animal
Schmidt, Jenna Who/Jungle Animal
Scroggin, Hanna Mrs. Mayor
Speer, Makena Who/Jungle Animal
Spoon, Brynn Gertrude McFuzz
St Clair, Jayda Bird Girl
Stuart, Lily Bird Girl
Valadez, Alex Who/Fish
Vineyard, Jasmin Who/Fish
Vockradt, Caitrin Assistant to Dr. Dake/Bird Girl
Wood, Layla Mayzie La Bird